Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I was talking to my sister the other day about how hard it is for her husband to get into a workout routine.  As someone who, for years, never had to think about exercise and just "did it", I stopped to think about why it was so "easy" then and now, after a 6 month hiatus, I am in the same space...finding it hard to make the time.  Finding excuses not to get to the gym.  So what is that about?

Well, for one thing, prior to my injury I was in a routine.  And once workouts are part of your life, and your schedule, it never occurred to me there was another option.  I just did it.  I need to get back into a routine.

Why is that so hard?  I have no more laundry to do now than before.  I unfortunately do not have the distraction of someone at home to lure me back to bed.

I said to my sister that I think exercise has to become the number one priority until it becomes something we can't live without.  Until such time as the benefits are apparent, and the routine is set, the exercise dates need to override everything else (within reason).  Because I am here to attest to the fact that when you do master this, everything else still gets done.  And there is still time for a full life outside the gym (or the bike or the yoga studio or whatever you decide is your thing).  I have been on both sides.  And it is NOT easy, but you (and I) can get there.  So decide how important your health is to you.

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