Tuesday, June 24, 2014

No more Pollyanna from me

I have a question.  WHY, if not forced to do so, would anyone stop working out?  I am not being facetious.  I seriously want to know.  Because getting back in shape SUUUUUCKS.  Plain and simple.  It sucks.  I can barely run a quarter mile at a clip.  Sigh.  I just went for what used to be a standard loop of mine and felt like I was running (and often walking) through molasses.  It sucks ass.  

And if it were someone else saying that, I would be telling them to be patient.  That fitness will come in time.  Soon.  Slow and steady.  A little better each day, each week.  And I will tell myself the same thing.  And I know it to be true.  It would be what I would tell my clients and my students.  I would cheer them on and say how impressed I am that they took the first step.  And all that jazz.  And I would mean every word if it.  

But now I say all those words with far more understanding of the struggle to return to it day after day not feeling strong or able to complete the task set forth.  So if I have ever been Pollyanna about getting in shape, please forgive me.  I will continue to cheerlead because I still believe it is what each of us needs to stay in the game.  And I will encourage my students and friends to stick with it...slow and steady.  But I will never again think it is easy and I will try my best to not be Pollyanna about it.  Because if someone did that to me right now, I wouldn't be very nice ;)


Lauren said...

And I feel your pain! Back to the gym today but it is HARD!

Anonymous said...

Amen Sister! About time a fitness guru recognized the suckassedness of running a quarter mile. And I'm being serious.

Maria Amendolia said...

I was about to object to the guru comment, but then I realized that it is your opinion and who am I to argue. So Thank You, whoever you are! :-) And I agree...i don't get these fitness people that act like they were fit right out of the womb. Or that working out is always fun. We are(or at least I am) just like everyone else. But hope that proves that each of us can attain the fitness we want with patience and perseverance. And a little whining now and then :-)

Jeff said...

Finding running a quarter mile difficult -- I've been there.

Oh wait. I am there.