Thursday, June 25, 2015

How to Meet a Man in this Modern Age of Dating

I thought the blog needed a little levity lest anyone get the impression I am downtrodden.  Quite the contrary.  I find myself rather resilient these days.  The adventures of dating are a lot of learning and growth...and fun too!  I mean, if it isn't fun, why bother?

Here are a few of observations over the last few (7) years.  Pros, cons, and general tongue in cheek opinions with a dash of sarcasm...

So, where and how to meet a man (I think this applies to men and women but since I have only ever been in search of a man, I can't say for sure)...  You have to come up with a clever profile, even if you are not clever.  You need to find fabulous pictures of yourself.  You need to sift through the dozens of people who cannot spell, or write a proper sentence.  You need to figure out if the pictures on his profile are recent, the job is legit, the deets are truthful and the man is worthy.  I think I'm tired.  You have to fill out a questionnaire longer than a college application.  Then you exchange 6 rounds of questions and matching games with a potential suitor.  Good for those who lack creative skills.  And a good way to weed out those people who's answer to "where will you live when you retire?" is "the Suburbs".  Really?

HINGE:  Not a lot of detail you need to provide...they populate your profile from your FB page.  And  they give you matches that are friends of your FB friends, so theoretically they are not completely random connections.  But a 3rd degree connection to a man I used to date, or someone I knew 20 years ago?  Still pretty random if you ask me...

TINDER:  I don't know.  I'm afraid to go there ;)

DATING SERVICES:  You can shell out $3K-6K to have some quasi-professional "match" you with the perfect date.  Or you can wait until they realize they don't have enough inventory for their paying clients and they will ask you to join for free.  But then you have to wonder who has 6 grand to spend on finding the right date...and why can't they do it on their own?

IN A BAR:  You get to see what a guy looks like, if you have chemistry, how they dress and what they drink.  Also who they hang out with (which can be a pro or a con).  But beyond knowing they favor the same drinking establishment, what else can you really tell in a dark bar with loud music and a few drinks in?  And they hang out at a bar...maybe a lot?  Not so good, although I am there I should shut up now.

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