Wednesday, June 25, 2014


On the heels of last night's post (if you missed it, click here to read) I thought this was particularly apropos...if not for you, then for me :-)  I talk a lot about courage.  And leading an authentic life.  Being courageous enough to show my true self.  It is a word I love and a quality I hold dear.  Since the meaning of the word is the ability to do or face something that frightens us, I see courage as strength of character.  But I often think of it when overcoming an obstacle.  A big hurdle.  Granted the hurdle might take time to overcome, but still a singular hurdle.  And usually pertaining to something in my personal development.  Dealing with adversity and such.  

Then I got to thinking that true courage can also be tenacity.  To get up every day and be the person you want to be.  Courage is about consistency, and perseverance.  And for the days that I don't quite make it, to be willing to try again.  

None of us are perfect.  I am a far cry from it.  And I don't aspire to be.  That would be soooo boring ;-)  But as my dear friend Shawn says, "Practice makes improvement".  So today I improve a little.  And I will be courageous and go out and do it again tomorrow.  And if I keep repeating that, then eventually I will be running the loop again.  And the molasses will be a distant memory.


Francesca said...

Going to bed murmuring, "I will try again tomorrow," is literally how I make it through my life.

Maria Amendolia said...

Just a thought, Francesca, if I may be so bold...I wonder how it would feel if you shouted it, with a smile, rather than murmuring with a slight feeling of defeat? xoxo