Tuesday, June 3, 2014

To see how far you've come

We look ahead and often feel overwhelmed by all that we still have yet to accomplish. In sport, career, relationships, family.  Every once in a while we need an opportunity, or a reminder, to look back and see how far we have come.  In talking to a friend recently about his frustration about where he wanted to be in his career at this point in his life, I reiterated the words of a wise woman (or two) who suggested I take pause when feeling frustrated that I was not "where I wanted to be."  

I think it is human nature, coupled with how our society operates, to always be looking ahead.  Striving, pushing ourselves, berating ourselves for what hasn't yet happened.  But I think a true sign of our strength lies in our ability to acknowledge and appreciate all we have already accomplished and overcome.  I know for me this manifests when I start to think, "I didn't imagine I would still be single at 43".  Or "why isn't my business growth happening the way I want it to?"  Then I am gently reminded to think about all that I have learned in the last 6 years since my divorce.  I have, on occasion, pictured myself literally looking back at what I have been though and how much I have grown.  Then I know, and I see, that I am a much wiser, more open, stronger partner now because of the past and a smarter, more savvy business woman.  This all helps me realize that progress is happening every day, even if the arbitrary "end game" hasn't yet happened. To be able to see how far we have come offers amazing perspective to the journey that lies ahead, and lends balance to the feelings that we are "behind", regardless of what stage we are at.  

I think the ability to do this makes the forward motion less burdened with strife and perhaps more rewarding.  And hopefully makes it easier to fully enjoy the moment we are in.  Knowing that life isn't always defined by where you were or where you are going, but rather by what you are doing now, and whether or not you are present in the moment, enjoying it and living it to its fullest potential.  Besides, who the fuck knows what will happen in the future anyway.  If you spend your time planning for that, how will you enjoy where you are and appreciate how far you have come?

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