Sunday, June 29, 2014

Create the life you want

I recently wrote this comment in response to a dear friend's post.  

"it is because of the life we strive to lead, with grace and authenticity, that we attract others into our lives to help support and encourage those goals. We are all here helping each other to be our best selves and to catch each other in the moments we feel far less than best."

It wasn't something I had to think about or carefully craft just flowed because it is what I feel.  It wasn't until someone else re-posted it that I paused to reread it, then realizing it might resonate with others.  

I was in the presence of this same friend just 2 days ago, along with another like-mined man, and I found myself thinking of these very words again.  We all have choices about how we move through the world, with whom we choose to spend out time, and whether we give and share our truest selves.  

Are you acting in accordance to what you feel?  Are your thoughts, words and actions aligned?  Are the people with whom you spend your time supporting you and feeding your soul?  Do you feel good about your interactions with others?

I feel like I am still gaining traction on my desire to embody this daily.  I definitely get lost along the way...or let's be honest, I get in my own way a lot of the time.  I can, almost unconsciously, present what I think will be most willingly accepted by whomever is in front of me.  Or I let my fears and doubts keep me from doing what it is I most want to do at a particular moment.  But then, when I am thoughtful about my actions and choices, it is remarkable how beautifully things seem to fall into place, or at the very least, how comfortable I feel in the discomfort.  

We all have different ideas about how we want to live and continue to thrive.  But take the time to really think about it.  Then I challenge you, as well as myself, to continue to make choices that will support that goal and create the life you want, with the people you want.  Anything is possible.  

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Brooke Feder said...

Amen sistah!
Beautifully said Maria.