Sunday, June 8, 2014

Man Up

I know I am dating myself, as well as admitting that while flipping through the channels I couldn't help but pause to watch the end of such a cult classic (don't dispute that with me...I will go to the mat for John Hughes any day), but do you remember when Andrew McCarthy's character in Pretty in Pink said to Molly Ringwald at the end of the film..."I always believed in you, I just didn't believe in me"?  Or something close to that.  I think it hit a particularly timely nerve for me, because when he said that I yelled, to the TV (yeah, I know), "Man up Bro!"

I have had a number of encounters lately in which people seem to feel one way and act another.  You (that is the proverbial "you") were interested in me yesterday, but not today?  So either you are fickle, you got scared, or I really am mean and still have no idea.  Is it really so difficult for people (in this specific instance I am referring to men, but I think it applies to both genders) to actually speak and act in accordance with their feelings and desires?  I realize what a challenge it can be, believe me I do.  But it if is hard, then figure out why and take steps to get where you want to be.  

Although this started as a commentary about relationships, it is clear to me that my questions apply to many aspects of our lives.  To want anything in life...a new job/career, a better relationship, a happier marriage, improved fitness, proficiency at a hobby or sport...and not realize that it takes effort and practice and work and coaching is simply selling yourself short.  We don't automatically assume we will be the best tennis player or a great surfer, so why do we assume we will be a great partner without similar effort to learn and improve?  Do people not realize that the rewarding things in life take work?  Or is it just too much effort and staying where you are at is safer, easier, more comfortable?  Everything in life is a choice.  Will you take the easy, safe option or will you strive for more?

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Francesca said...

Man up!!! This is possibly my favorite thing ever. You are so so right. Give me someone straightforward and honest and direct. I ain't got time to mess around.