Friday, May 15, 2015


15 months ago I slipped and hit my head.  Fuck...that sucked.  And it didn't. I learned a ton about myself...about what I fear the most and what I am made of.  "Hearty stock" my sister, Christina, said.  She was not wrong...on all sorts of levels.

4 1/2 months ago I started working out again regularly.  I had major problems getting back into a routine in the fall.  Start and stopped.  Was afraid to do too much.  Had gotten used to not getting up to work out.  After the first of the year, I decided to ask for the help I needed and I started to focus.  Getting back in shape is tough and it is so easy to want to give up.  But I had to believe that I could do it.  I had to trust that I could regain the fitness I had previously possessed.  And guess what?  I am getting STRONG again!  Not quite where I was, yet...but getting there.  6 weeks ago I got serious about my diet and I am actually starting to see those muscles I have been working on!

So I am here to tell CAN be done.  Every person that has been detoured by pregnancy, job, kids, parents, injury, marriage, divorce....whatever...can get into or back into the shape he/she wants.  With a little determination, a fair amount of patience, a lot of consistency and some moxy, YOU can do it!  I promise.  And I am here to help, or cheer, or kick you in the ass. :-)

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