Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Trust in yourself...and have FUN

I have awesome friends.  Not saying you don't, but mine are the bomb.  I am sure I have said this before.  But I will keep saying it.  They offer me sage advice, give me perspective and at times, keep me sane.

The other day I was relaying a story to a friend and this was the pearl that he shared with me.

"You will get scared and doubt yourself.  Trust yourself that you are strong enough to enjoy the ride.  Because above all else, have fun.  That's all anything is.  Even the uncomfortable painful stuff."

I love this.  That strength and a positive attitude can trump the fear and the discomfort.  It somehow puts it into perspective in a way that feels powerful to me.  The idea that the doubts, which inevitably creep in, can just as easily be washed away if I look at the journey as a fun adventure.  I think I have said something along those lines before ;)  But, as many of us do, I needed that reminder!

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