Thursday, May 21, 2015

25 Random Things

It was over 6 years ago that my friend, José, tagged me to write 25 random things.  I was pretty recently out of my marriage and was definitely going through some soul searching times.  (I guess some things don't change).  I was far less comfortable sharing my thoughts and feelings at that time, but I figured, "what the hell", and sat down one night to write this.

I recently had occasion to revisit this list and was both surprised and pleased to realize I still really liked my list and that most of it still holds true for me.

I think to me that signifies I have been on the right path.  Thinking about my life in a pretty consistent way.  Clear about where I want my growth to be.  I am still considering my legacy, since I still don't have children of my own.  And the third tattoo will read "Never Say Never".  I will let you know where I finally decide to ink it.

Anyone want to take a crack at a list of their own?  I would love to read it.

25 Random Things, by Maria Amendolia.  
Originally written 02.2009

1. I am part of an amazing triumvirate. It is a blessed thing to have found the true meaning of both friend and family in my sisters.
2. And, if not lucky enough to have 2 sisters by blood, I also have a circle of sistas who listen, love, support, encourage, prop, hug, inspire, reflect, challenge (and did I mention love?) me, often in spite of myself.
3. I like honesty. In fact I cherish it. In my opinion, candor is both underrated and underutilized. Yes, I know…why hurt someone’s feelings if you don’t “need” to. But perhaps we would all be a little more trusting, and learn a bit more about ourselves if we could simply be honest…….
4. I love inspirational quotes. By great men and great women, as well as anonymous men and women. I aspire to live by quite a few of them. Getting there…part of the journey I keep telling myself.
5. Never settle. That is one of the most important mantras for me. Through all my faults and shortcoming, I truly hope I always have the courage to never settle. 
6. Courage is a quality I admire in people and one I like to think I possess. Many things are possible because of courage and though I will make mistakes, hopefully one of them will not be that I didn’t have a backbone.
7. If I may steal from Jose…I love sweets. Dark chocolate. A really good cookie. Soft serve ice cream. Nothing better…well, almost nothing.
8. I like that I know that there are a few things better than sweets.
9. I don’t think I like living in a house. I think I prefer apartment living. No snow to shovel, no leaking roof to fix, no gardening I should be doing, no extra rooms to clean. Aaaahhhh
10. I don’t think I ever realized how difficult 25 random things would be. Keep flip flopping between deep and totally random and useless…
11. It took me 38 years to realize just how dysfunctional “chic” movies really are. So sad.
12. I like that I have figured out that I can be thoughtful and kind and generous in life and fiercely competitive and maybe just a tad mean in sport. 
13. I can no longer pretend that anything good will happen in my life unless I MAKE it happen
14. I think I should do another one of these lists when I am really drunk or really tired…might look different……
15. Summer, sun, the ocean, beautiful photographs, Gilmore Girls, great footwear, sex, my niece and nephew, laughing with my friends, sleeping…just a few of my favorite things
16. I like living alone (no offense to Mark…I loved living with him). But now that I am on my own, I actually really enjoy my own space. This surprised me.
17. I no longer mind being the shortest adult in the room.
18. I like that I am figuring out that selfish is not a four letter word…and that no isn’t either.
19. I hope I am able to get to all the places on my travel to do list…
20. I hope that I acquire the strength and wisdom to grow old gracefully. Maya Angelou is a great role model for this. And at present, I do not fear death but I am scared shit to get old.
21. It occurs to me that without the legacy of children, I need to be creative in what I leave behind when I depart…
22. I suspect I will be tired by the time I am old. Perhaps rather than figuring out ways for people to live longer, we should be focusing on ways to live healthier and happier. Quality, not quantity….
23. I wish I had been more of the true ME when I was younger. I would have had so much more fun…damn it
24. Never ever thought I’d have a tattoo. But I have 2…contemplating a third. Perhaps it will read “subtlety is overrated”….
25. I am generally enjoying the journey of life. Just wish I hadn’t recently promised a very good friend I would not make part of that journey on a motorcycle…it would have been a sweet ride. Can you picture it…on my own Triumph? 

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