Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Kindness from others touches me in so many wonderful ways.  I want to say a huge thank you to Karen, Kim and Stephen at Downunder Kayaks, SUPs & Surf in Westport.  I LOVE to paddleboard!  One of the things that makes me most happy is to be on the water.  I look forward to the warm weather every year so I can get out on my board.  I went by the store last week to rub elbows with those that can paddle (since I am still on the DL) and the reception I got from the crew there was amazing.  Like long lost friends.  And Karen jumped right into action offering me a chauffeured ride on her board so that I could enjoy some of the benefits of being on the water, without the exertion that could hurt my head.  Then she wrangled Stephen, who barely knew me, into taking me for a ride as well.  It was amazing.  I might even rent my services out as training weight to aspiring racers.  Lemonade, right? :)

There are certainly many challenges for me in this head injury.  But I love finding the unexpected joys, of which their have been many as well.  So to my friends, old and new, at Downunder, for being creative and finding ways for me to participate that don't involve physical activity.  Cheers!  This is why small businesses exist...a family in many senses of the word.  

See you all on the water :-)


Anonymous said...

LOVE THIS! Love that you had such a positive experience, that there are folks out there who understand the water's call and were able to offer you a no-activity version of what you love. Here is to many more happy moments in the sunshine.

Maria Amendolia said...

:-) Spoken by a fellow lover of the water. Thanks