Friday, May 9, 2014

Perspective and Choice

I am not naturally slim.  I have not always been fit.  I was not a particularly athletic child.  True I was damn fast in the 100 yard dash in CYO track, but I certainly didn't excel.  

As a fitness professional I have received many comments in the vein of...
"I know it is easy for you to stay in shape" 
"I am sure you have always been active and fit"
"I can't believe you didn't play sports in high school/college"

I say all this because it is important (for me and everyone) to understand that it it not something that comes easy to any of us.  It is a choice to fit.  It takes effort.  And while that effort may be fun, it is effort nevertheless.  Until recently I always had the option to be fit.  And although I had not always exercised that option (sorry for the pun), over the last 10 years exercise has become something I enjoy.  Dare I say love.  It is fun to jump around and lift things and learn what my body can do.  I truly value the opportunity to use my body, as well as encourage and inspire others to test their limits.  And I like to think that I do it by example. 

Now being in a situation where I do not have the option to be active, I realize what a huge gift it is.  To be healthy and to have the choice to exercise and be active.  If you are lucky enough to have that option, please ask yourself, why are you not moving?  Why are you not finding the time to exercise?  Figuring out what you love to do and making it happen?

Your body, mind and soul will thank you for it.

I am not saying it is easy.  Shit, I get it.  I am scared to start working out again.  Will I be able to do it?  Will my body remember how to squat, jump, pull, push?  Will I be able to tolerate the discomfort of being so deconditioned?  The answer if YES!  And the answer for you is YES!  We all choose to make time to eat, to brush our teeth, to see friends...why are you not exercising your option to take care of your body in this way?

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Francesca said...

I hear you. I have a hard time remembering this -- the idea that for ANYONE being fit takes work. It's not EASY for anyone, but sometimes, it's easier than the alternative. xoxo