Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I have always been hesitant to be proud of certain things about myself.  Keeping with what seems to be my theme of the last few posts about what I was told as a child, I believed I was allowed to own that I was caring, and thoughtful, and generous.  And perhaps that I was smart, as long as I didn't flaunt it.

Physical attributes were a whole different story.  And quite honestly, at the time, I didn't believe I had any.  I mean, what young girl does?  (I think we need to rewrite the manual for what we teach young girls.)  Perhaps I believed I had one good quality.  It was hard to argue with the fact that I had pretty eyes.  I mean, if strangers came up to me and told me this, then it must be true, right?  So that I could say comfortably and confidently.  But anything else?  Not so much.

In the shadows of the night, I have come to whisper that I like my ass.  I do.  But am I allowed to say that without sounding arrogant?  Conceited?  Not sure... (see this earlier post)

But after watching my ass shift and grow and change without workouts from what I thought it was naturally...I realize that I had worked hard for the ass I admired.  So you know what?  I have officially decided that I am allowed to like any and all of my assets...especially the ones that are shaped by my dedication and hard work.  So there! :-)  And that goes not only for the outer assets but the ones being strengthened on the inside as well.

Try it.  It's a tad scary, but kind of fun.


Suzie Milbauer said...

Embrace your assets! All of them. :)

Maria Amendolia said...

Back at ya, sista!

Christina said...

I love this! It is hard, I agree. But there is so much there to love....

Jeff said...

I don't think its arrogant or conceited to say "I like my [body part or personal characteristic]".

To me there's a distinction between that and saying "I have an awesome X" or "Everybody likes my X" or something along those lines, which might cross over into conceit.