Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wildly imperfect. Always enough

It is no secret that this injury has been a huge curveball for me.  But please don't misunderstand.  It is not a bad thing.  Yes, it is difficult at times, but there have been numerous opportunities for me to grow.  And I have been learning over the past half dozen years to embrace all the challenges that make me stronger.

One of the things I have been learning is how important it is to know our value.  I think about this a lot.  To have a strong, but clear and realistic sense of who we are in the world.  To know the positives.  But equally as important to own the less pretty aspects of oneself.  The whole picture.  The good and the bad.  And to believe that the entire package is always enough.  Let me say that again.  Always Enough.

Would it be empowering to be able to articulate those things about yourself?  Hard as it speak both the pretty and the less so...I will go first...

I am 43
I am single
I am strong (often)
I am fragile (at times)
I am confident
I have a concussion
I am scared
I am funny (at least I think so)
I am silly (ask my class)
I am short (I know, I am supposed to say petite)
I am agile
I am a glass-half full person (most of the time)
I am intelligent (not mensa material, but smart)
I fear complacency
I am inspiring
I am afraid that without my outer physical fitness, I am less attractive, less desirable
I am vulnerable
I am tenacious
I am stubborn
I worry about a lot of things (but a lot less than I used to)
I suck at time management
I am a procrastinator (is that the same thing?)
I am honest (that is good and not so good, depending on who you ask)
I am learning that it ok to fall down (next time I will try not to smack my head)
I am good at taking care of others
I am not so good at taking care of myself (getting better as we speak)
I find humor in life's hard moments
I am open-hearted
I have trouble accepting help
and I am always enough

In case I forget, my sister gave me a bracelet to remind me.

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Carla M. said...

I absolutely love this submission! Love love love!