Thursday, April 3, 2014

Baby steps

I am allowed to workout at all?  Well, the neuro said I could walk.  (insert a raised eyebrow here).  

Seriously?  Walk?  Alrighty then.  

So I went for a walk yesterday, and will go today.  Yay that I get to do something.  But my head definitely sets the pace...grrrr (because it is slower than I would like).  

But here is the interesting part.  This is how I feel....."I went for a WALK!"  I would typically be the first person/trainer to call someone out if they were trying to pass off a walk as a workout, if their goals were to be getting fitter and seeing results.  Oh how perspectives change.  At the moment I would have to say that a walk feels like an amazing option compared to doing nothing.  

It is sunny out today.  Go for a walk.  Stop and smell the roses...or the vague hint of spring air ;)


Christina Amendolia said...

YEAH BABY! A walk is a win. Maybe that can be an interim mantra - a walk is a win. I know it is not an nth of what you want to be doing or are capable of but so happy you are cleared to get moving, even slowly. So proud of you, love.

Maria Amendolia said...

That is a great mantra. Awesome! Thanks love. xoxo