Monday, April 7, 2014


I like to think I give really good advice.  Taking that same advice is a whole different story!

I often forget to take smart advice, whether it be from me or others.  I need lots of reminders.  I am lucky to have friends who send me gentle reinforcements often.  One of my favorites was from my sister, Francesca, who wrote in a card to me a few years ago that although she knew I was going through a difficult time, I was moving forward with grace.  I love that.  It resonated so deeply within me that I felt it would guide me through most any challenge in life.

But I still forget at times.  Hell, I even have it tattooed on my wrist and I forget.

  Grace.  I want to always remember that no matter what happens I will move forward with grace.  Life hands each of us many challenges.  Some big, some seemingly small.  But I believe it is how we handle these that speaks to the strength of our character.  So it is not that I am telling myself that none of this should bother me.  But finding the positive in the situation, using it to learn something about myself.  Sharing my journey so it may help another feel less alone.  To me, this is grace.  And I am glad I remembered.  


Christina said...

Oh and you ARE! Moving, dealing, coping, striving with this challenge - with grace. It may not always feel graceful but it is - you are.

Francesca said...

Grace is such a powerful concept, and it DOES take work. I don't think it qualifies as grace otherwise. xoxo