Monday, April 21, 2014

Empathy vs. Sympathy

I have been thinking a lot about empathy vs. sympathy.  On the list of positive take aways from the slip and fall is that I feel it will help me have more of the former.  My friend, Claudia, sent me this great video from the ever-fabulous Brené Brown...a quick, funny and poignant reminder of what each of us can do to be more empathetic.  I have definitely been guilty of the "at least" :-)


Suming said...

Guilty as well. Thought it would be helpful to put a silver lining on misfortune, to look on the bright side. I'm sure I've done it to you since the concussion. Sorry! A good lesson to learn the difference. Thanks!

Maria Amendolia said...

I think both are valuable but I feel so helpful to learn the difference so we can choose what we want to offer. No sorry. Your support is always appreciated. xoxo