Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What do I take for granted?

I saw a woman running this morning. I had such a rush of "oooh, I want to do that." Then I thought of all the days in my life I have exercised because I thought I needed to. Now that I am not able to choose how I move in my day, I realize I took for granted my ability to move when and how I wanted to. Luckily, hopefully, mine is a temporary respite, but I hope I do not forget this feeling once I am able to run and jump and hike and paddle again.

So I want to suggest you think about how this applies to you.  Please never take things in your life for granted.  What would you do if today were the last time you had the opportunity to do something you love?  My wish for you is that you figure it out without something having to be taken away in order to learn the lesson.

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