Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bayside memories

I have been dealing with this head injury for 2 months.  Still not myself.  I was going to whine about my frustration and fear over when my body will heal allowing me to get back to doing all I want to do.  Then I learned a childhood friend from the old neighborhood is dying from a brain tumor.  He has just gone into hospice.  Huh.  

Life is precious.  He is leaving behind a wife and a young son.  He is too young.  We are too young.  Unfortunate that it takes such a sad occurrence to remind me of what is important.  We all need to value our life and our health and those we love...and try not to take what we have for granted.  Figure out what is really important in life.  Figure out where true happiness and contentment lies...and go after it.  What are you waiting for?


Christina said...

Oh, what a loss for this man's family, for his friends and loved ones. On this Good Friday I love the idea of turning the sadness of his illness into a healing journey, his failing health into a beacon for us all. Thank you for sharing.

Maria Amendolia said...

What lovely words and important insight, Christina. Thank YOU for sharing.