Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sexy as...

What is sexy?

This is one of the questions that has been rolling around in my head the last six weeks.  What do I think is sexy?  In the past, if I had answered that question about myself, I definitely would have jumped to the physical body.  But now as I examine it more closely, I realize what I find sexy in others is not necessarily physical...

I think a man with a great smile is super sexy.  Someone with a playfulness behind his eyes.  A man who is confident, and has a little swagger without trying.  A man who is interested and interesting.  A man who is active because he likes adventure.  Who takes care of himself and has pride in his appearance.  Someone who knows his strengths but is humble.  That is sexy to me.  

And a sexy woman (yes, I think women are sexy) is someone who has a joy for life.  Who laughs and has a great smile.  Someone who owns her physical body and loves it (and this has nothing to do with size).  A woman who takes care of herself but is not overdone.  A woman who is not afraid to be confident and who knows what she wants in life.  That is sexy to me.  

Sensing a pattern here?  Nowhere in there is a 6-pack abs, or zero-percent body fat, or a person who in the gym all the time.  Of course, I am attracted to a fit body, but more so because it is a sign of a person who values themselves and their health.  And of someone that likes to move, be active, and explore new things. 

Can you picture that person who has a "perfect" body (whatever the hell that is) and yet is trying so hard or is so uncomfortable with themselves it is almost painful?  And standing next to that person is another who is perhaps not quite as fit but far more beautiful in their natural ease with themselves and enjoyment of life?  I know which one I want to talk to.  Interesting though that I would have said that for me to be sexy I would have to possess some version of that "perfect" body.  Hmmmm...if it doesn't matter to me when looking at others, why would I think it would be different when others are looking back at me?

So what do you find sexy in others?  And does it match the standard to which you hold yourself?

And I wonder why I hit my head...;)


cnhealy said...

Love this Maria!! Well said!!

Maria Amendolia said...

thanks Caroline! Hope you are well.